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Improvement Packages

Choose the package that works for you and your goals.

-We also have TRADE-LINES Available-contact for more details

Inquiry Removal


For those that just need to remove inquiries for a boost.

*You mail it, additional $10 per inquiry if we mail it.

Package 3- 180 DAYS


Includes disputes with all 3 credit bureaus, creditors, and data furnishers. 

*6 months of Improvement

Package 1 - One Time


Full service  improvement package covering all items for 12 months. Just sit back and relax.

*Top Pick

Package 4 - Economy


You mail it, all items included

*Recurring Payment Required

Package 2 - Monthly


Full service monthly improvement package covering all items.

*Recurring Payment Required


$25-$50 for each successful enrollment.  Can be applied to new services or paid out

*Depends on package

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